First Hike of Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure

Hiking Ha Ling Peak. Start elevation - 5,466 feet. Top elevation - 7,897 feet. Stopped elevation 7,656 feet. Had to stop 241 feet from top. See video on YouTube at:  


I’m Still Breathing

In case you were wondering I survived my first hike and I’m not still on the mountain. This is one of the hardest things I've ever done since 2 weeks of trying out to play junior hockey. It was definitely a Breathtaking Adventure. I started out on June 1st and 2nd getting acclimatized to 4,722 … Continue reading I’m Still Breathing


Cold evening but kept warm thanks to @liveoutthere for the Down Jacket. Kept dry in the rain  thanks to @arcteryxwestedmonton . Had a good sleep in my sleeping bag thanks to @valhallapureoutfitters . Thanks to @atmooutdoor for the backpack to carry all my items for this adventure.