Happy Birthday

🎈HAPPY 66th BIRTHDAY to my Dad! 🎈 Dave Rasmussen He recently did 1 of 3 hikes as a fundraiser for Pulmonary Fibrosis. He did amazingly well and I’m so proud! Unfortunately after discussing his oxygen levels and heart rate results with his doctor, the doctor said “no more”. His oxygen gets too low going uphill or with too much overall exertion, and his heart rate gets too high. When the body is starved of oxygen you can experience shortness of breath, chest pains, confusion, headache, rapid heart beat, short term memory loss, damage to the eyesight, and even heart failure. During his training and the hike he was actually doing serious cell damage. So, even though he has the drive, the ambition, the will, and the physical ability to complete anything he sets his mind to he had to make the difficult decision of cancelling the remaining 2 hikes of Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure. And, I fully support his decision to prevent any further risks or damage to his body! Dave says of Pulmonary Fibrosis: “with this incurable disease you can sit and do nothing or you can challenge yourself to do new physical things and find your body’s limits.”
As an athlete and someone with a stubborn personality he is most certainly going to find a way to continue with this fundraiser. He’s talked of hiking 22 km from Morinville, AB to St. Albert, AB (which is relatively flat) and possibly doing some version of a Winter Triathlon. This is just another reason why I’m so proud of this man! Even though his plans have to change, he’s not going to let PF stop him from trying his best. ❤️
And he is still accepting donations:


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