New Reality

It’s been a while since I have created a post. I have been digesting the fact that I won’t be able to complete my last 2 hikes duo to my poor lung performance.  My Doctor said I can’t let my oxygen saturation go below 90%.  When training by climbing stairs my oxygen would get down to 80% and heart rate rose to 150 – 160 BPM.  I didn’t think it was that bad but I was actually doing serious cell damage.

Now that reality has set in I won’t be able to downhill ski anymore and I will have to ride a cart when golfing, and mowing the lawn may be out of the question also as my oxygen drops into the low 80’s. I hope when I go for my next Lung Function Test in November it won’t have changed since the last test but I think it has.

Being positive, confident and stubborn I now know I might be getting worse and will eventually need pure oxygen to keep my system operating. I won’t be able to take my Grand-Daughter skiing in the mountains for her 10th birthday as I promised.

I am planning 1 more hike from St Albert, AB to Morinville, AB, about 22 kms, before the end of summer. I’m also looking into setting up a fundraiser for the winter; it will be a Winter Triathlon. The hard part is getting people to donate towards my fundraiser, Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure, and to participate in a Winter Triathlon.image


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