I Asked a Question and Got Scolded

I asked my Family Doctor about my heart rate and oxygen saturation will I’m walking stairs as part of my exercise routine to get ready for my next 2 Hikes for Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure, and when I told him what my oxygen and heart rate get to he looked at me and said NO MORE, I want you to stay above 90% Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate below140 BPM.
These are my numbers walking up 242 Stairs: Oxygen – 97% to 80%, Heart Rate – 96 to 160 BPM

For my age, 66, my Heart Rate should be in the 127 – 137 BPM or 80 – 89% of my max
My Oxygen should be in the 90 – 99% range

Because I have been physically active all my life my resting Heart Rate is 48 BPM and Oxygen 98%. With a resting heart rate of 48 I rank as an athlete and in the top 2.5% of the population. That has advantage of being able to push hard and disadvantage of not knowing when to slow dow, or just being stubborn.

When we push our oxygen levels below 90% we put our cells into oxygen starvation and start to kill these cells. Some of the signs of oxygen starvation are: shortness of breath; chest pains; confusion; headache; rapid heartbeat; short term memory loss; damage to eye site; and heart failure.

Now the bad news, I have made the difficult and stubborn decision to cancel the remaining 2 hikes of Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure, due to the further damage it will cause my body.

I would like to thank all the people who have made a donation to my fundraiser and I will be planning a different type of fundraiser for the future.

To all my sponsor I would like to say a big thank you for your generous donations that made my training and the first hike enjoyable.

Remember with this incurable lung disease you can sit and do nothing or you can challenge yourself to do new physical things and find you bodies limits. It definitely was a Breathtaking Adventure that I will remember always and how I pushed on despite harming my body, it’s the athlete in me.


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