I’m Still Breathing

In case you were wondering I survived my first hike and I’m not still on the mountain. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done since 2 weeks of trying out to play junior hockey. It was definitely a Breathtaking Adventure. I started out on June 1st and 2nd getting acclimatized to 4,722 feet at the Tunnel Mountain Campground at Banff, AB. For 2 nights I was sleeping in a tent in 2 Deg C, but thanks to the sleeping bag I had a toasty warm.

Sunday June 3, 2018 we were up at 6:30, packed everything and drove the start of the hike above Canmore, AB. Starting elevation was 5,466 feet and it was a long time, 4-1/2 hrs, to get to 7,656 where due to the cold, wind and rain I couldn’t get a reading on my Pulse/Oximeter anymore. So with the top in sight and only 241 feet left I called an end to the hike as without an oxygen reading I wasn’t about to take a chance on staying up there forever. I also had a cut-off point of 84%, if I didn’t recover back to above 90% after 5 minutes I was going to call and end to the hike.

My oxygen got as low as 79% but recovered to 96% within a couple of minutes. As we got nearer to the top I had to stop more often and wait up to 5 minutes to recover to 95%. We had lots of stops along the way to let people pass and that gave me some time to recover also.

As we started to come back down I slipped on some loose rocks and twisted my right ankle under my body, so for 4 km I walked down the mountain not knowing if it was sprained or broken. Turned out it was just a sprain.

At the bottom I said I don’t know if I can hike the 2 other mountains. It took me 2 days to recover as I was exhausted from using my lungs so much to breath, but after recovering I’m looking forward to the next “Dave’s Breathtaking Adventure”.

Some pictures of my hike


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